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How to Winterize and Close Your Pool. A Step by Step Guide with BioGuard Products.

Stacey Owens

As winter approaches, it is crucial to prepare your pool for the cold months ahead. Proper winterization ensures your pool remains in optimal condition and is ready for use when warmer weather returns. Off-season products are designed to care of your pool during the months when your pool is not being used. This guide will walk you through the steps of closing your pool using BioGuard pool products, known for their top-notch quality and effectiveness in pool maintenance.

Step 1: Gather Your BioGuard Essentials

Before you start, make sure you have these essential BioGuard products on hand:

1. BioGuard Arctic Blue Algae Protector: A powerful algaecide that safeguards against winter algae growth.

2. BioGuard Off the Wall Surface Cleaner: Removes oil, grease, and scale from pool surfaces.

3. BioGuard Arctic Blue Shock: A multi-purpose winter shock used to oxidize and clarify through the off season.

4. BioGuard Natural Clarifier: Enhances water clarity during winter.

Pro Tip:  Bioguards Arctic Blue Winter Kit contains both Arctic Blue Shock and Arctic Blue Algae Protector

Step 2: Clean and Balance Your Pool

Begin by thoroughly cleaning your pool. Vacuum, brush, remove any debris and chemically clean your filter. Test the water and ensure pH and alkalinity levels are in the desired parameters.

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Step 3: Apply BioGuard Arctic Blue Algae Protector

Follow the manufacturer's instructions to add BioGuard Arctic Blue® Algae Protector. This potent algaecide prevents unsightly algae growth, keeping your pool water crystal clear.

Step 4: Shock Treatment

Use BioGuard Arctic Blue Shock to shock your pool, eliminating any remaining contaminants and bacteria. This ensures a clean and safe environment for the winter.

Step 5: Surface Cleaning

Use BioGuard Off the Wall® Surface Cleaner to thoroughly clean the pool's walls, floors, and waterline. This removes any lingering oils, grease, or scale, leaving your pool fresh and ready for winter.

Step 6: Enhance Clarity with BioGuard Natural Clarifier

Finally, add BioGuard Natural Clarifier to maintain water clarity during winter. This product improves filtration, ensuring your pool water stays sparkling clear.

Happy Winterizing!

By following these steps and using BioGuard pool products, you can confidently close your pool for the winter, knowing it’s protected against algae growth, scale buildup, and other potential issues. Come spring, you will be greeted with a clean, clear pool ready for another season of enjoyment. Always refer to product labels for optimal results and of course follow recommended covering and draining procedures for your pool appropriate to the weather conditions in your area.

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