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Chlorine/Bromine Free Hot Tub Care: Sirona Simply’s 3-Step Program

David Sternoff

So, you’ve invested in a hot tub and you’re ready to relax and enjoy some quality time soaking in the warm, soothing water. But as many hot tub owners know, maintaining the water quality can be a challenge. Many traditional hot tub maintenance products rely on chlorine or bromine to sanitize the water which to some can cause skin irritation and an uninviting strong odor. If you’re looking for an alternative solution to maintaining your hot tub water, then look no further than Sirona Simply.

Sirona Spa Care provides a variety of quality spa care products to help spa owners maintain their spa's water quality. One of their more popular products is their Sirona Simply 3-Step Water Care Program. This program includes three essential products that work together to keep spa water clean, clear, and sparkling.

Step 1: Simply Waterline Control

The first step in the Sirona Simply’s 3-Step Water Care Program is Simply Waterline Control. This product is specially formulated to prevent the formation of waterline deposits in spas and hot tubs. Simply Waterline Control is an effective liquid formula that can be used during the spa start-up process and weekly as part of the Sirona Spa Care Simply 3-Step System. The product helps to prevent the buildup of oils, lotions, and other substances that can accumulate along the waterline, leaving unsightly and difficult to remove deposits.

Step 2: Simply Oxidizer

The second step in the program is Simply Oxidizer. This hydrogen peroxide-based product is designed to keep spa water sparkling clear. Simply Oxidizer helps to break down organic contaminants such as body oils, lotions, and other debris that can accumulate in spa water over time. By regularly adding Simply Oxidizer to your spa, you can keep your water clean, clear, and odor-free.

Step 3: Simply Sanitizer

The final step in the program is Simply Sanitizer. This product is a highly stable chlorine-free, bromine-free, EPA-regulated sanitizer that provides excellent bacteria control. Simply Sanitizer can be used at start-up and then added as needed per the Sirona Simply Test Strips. This product not only sanitizes the water but also protects against staining and discoloration due to metals. The product is easy to use and ensures that your spa remains safe and sanitary for your family and friends to enjoy.


Don’t forget to utilize Sirona Simply Test Strips when applying their Simply products. These test strips are compatible with biguanide products and in addition to testing pH, alkalinity and calcium hardness they also test the Simply Sanitizer.

By following these three easy steps, you can ensure that your spa water remains clean, clear, and sparkling. Sirona’s Simply products are easy to use and effective, and their range of additional products ensures that you have everything you need to maintain your spa in top condition.


If metals are present in your hot tub water utilize Sirona Simply Metal Control. This product deactivates metals to clarify water, improve filtration and prevent surface staining as well as water discoloration.

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