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5 Tips to Get Rid of that Pesky Hot Tub Foam

Cameron Hakim

All hot tub owners want to get the most out of their investment but sometimes that pesky foam can hinder soaking enjoyment. Hot tub foam is essentially derived from sulfates and in most cases is entering the tub via laundry detergent residues, stemming from swimsuits and swim wear. However, there are other common ways sulfates can enter the tub such as body wash, makeup, shampoo, etc. Excess foam can eventually lead to water balancing issues and ultimately water clarity issues. The great news is there are ways to deal with these sulfates and ultimately rid your hot tub of that pesky foam.

1. Using a Foam Remover or Anti-Foaming Agent

The simplest route is to use a foam remover or anti-foaming agent. In this case we recommend SpaGuard's Anti Foam . With just a ½ oz needed per 600 gallons of hot tub water this product quickly eliminates and prevents foaming in your spa or hot tub. It is also compatible with all sanitizer types (chlorine, bromine, salt water, etc.) and all spas and hot tubs.

2. Manually Removing the Foam from Your Hot Tub

When manually removing foam from your hot tub we recommend removing your hot tub’s filters then running the jets on high. As the foam begins to build up utilize a wet/dry vacuum with a nozzle and carefully skim the surface of the water vacuuming the areas where the foam is accumulating. This process will allow you to remove most of the foam and ultimately the underlying compound that is causing the foam.

3. Clean Your Hot Tub Filters Regularly

Cleaning your filters is an important part of maintaining water care since these filters keep debris, dust, dirt, and even certain bacteria from interfering with your soaking experience. Cleaning filters regularly will ensure the debris, bacteria and even sulfates it has captured has now left the spa entirely. We recommend using SpaGuard's Filter Cleaner  which can remove some of those harder to see elements such as body oils, grim and scale that are sometimes hard to remove from hose water alone.

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4. Consider Wearing a Dedicated Bathing Suit for Hot Tub Use Only

The easiest way to ensure you aren’t leaving laundry detergent residues in your tub is by having a dedicated swimsuit for hot tub use. Forget about washing your swimsuit, the sanitizing agents that keep your hot tub water fresh and clean will do the same for your bathing suit.

5. Drain and Refill Your Hot Tub

When all else fails the most effective way to remove foam and sulfates from your hot tubs is to drain your hot tub completely. Refer to your owner’s manual for exact instructions but typically this involves turning off your hot tub breakers then connecting a hose to your hot tub’s drain system. While the hot tub is draining it’s a good time to wipe the interior of your hot tub removing any potential grime, you’ll also want to use this time to clean your filters. Once the water is fully drained you can disconnect your hose from your drain system, close it and begin filling your tub with water. Once filled to the appropriate level you can then re-install your filters and turn your hot tub breakers back on. Your typical water balancing routine will then begin.

Bonus Tip:  Extra Bathing Suits

In addition to the tips above, keeping extra “dedicated bathing suits” for guests can ensure that all your hard work doesn’t go awry when sharing your hot tub.

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